With fashion week in New York, kicking off last weekend with a massive bang, you don't want to miss anything!

Fashion Week is the best way to pick up fashion inspiration wether that be from the fantastic collections or the highstreet fashion and streetwear clothing which can be spotted outside the shows.

Urban Streetwear and Street Style are always a massive hit amongst the attendees of fashion week and we are always blown away by the creative street style fashion week has to offer.

London Fashion Week is now in full swing and already giving us some major 2019 wardrobe inspo!

Keep reading to find out the shows we predict are going to make waves in the fashion scene this season. Even if you are unable to attend the shows, make sure you check these ones out online, we certainly will be!

8th-16th February

New York fashion week has come to a close and there has already been a major buzz around the shows, with some major celebrity faces making appearances and some bold fashion moves being made by all.

Tom Ford

The Tom Ford show kicked off fashion week with a bang, not only by unveiling some amazing looks but also by making a political statement with the show. Tom Ford’s song choice of that Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over, made a nod to the political controversy occurring in the US currently with Ford stating “I’ve never really been a designer who’s talked about a moment in time, how that’s influenced what I design, but you can’t escape the news,”. Politics aside, Ford unveiled some fantastic pieces for the upcoming season. Stripping things back to basics, his looks rarely featured pattern but rather let colours do the talking, with vibrant purples and greens stealing the show. Gigi Hadid also turned heads in a vibrant deep red look.

New York Fashion Week 2019

The final part of the show reflected Ford’s classic style, featuring dozens of form-fitting gowns, with heavy chain detailing. This show was the perfect combination of beautiful simplicity and bold statements (both politically and in fashion) go and check it out online now!

15th-19th February

London Fashion Week began on the 15th of February and we are set to see some great shows hitting the UK runway.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s woman’s fashion line optimises British Fashion and has long been a fashion icon for many across the globe. Victoria has spent the first decade of her brand's launch strictly taking on the New York fashion scene but made her London debut for Victoria Beckham’s 10th-anniversary show last September, with Beckham commenting that “right now there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than here (in England)”. Our excitement for her appearance at LFW was heightened when she told the Guardian this week that “Returning to London to show my spring/summer 2019 collection as part of LFW for the first time last season was incredible,”. We can not wait to see the pieces she displays at London Fashion Week, faces such as Stella Tennant have graced her previous shows, Victoria likes to work with a range of models of different backgrounds and ages, stating that she wanted to feature “women as well as girls”.

Paris Fashion Week 2019

The show will also be live-streamed which is exciting for all of those who are unable to attend! Victoria has also combined her LFW appearance with the launch of her brand new youtube channel where she will discuss fashion, beauty and has also hinted at collaborations with other celebrities. We can’t wait to check this out.


19th-25th February


One thing’s for sure, and that’s that Fendi knows how to put on a fashion show. Last Fashion Week saw Fendi bring out K-Pop star GOT7 who performed “Fendiman” at the closing of the show with an overwhelming number of fans gathering to support GOT7 outside the show. We anticipate this show being just as impressive and we can not wait!

Milan Fashion Week 2019

Last season saw Fendi making bold statements, reinventing uniforms in a romantic fashion. Channelling outdoorsy vibes with urban touches, Fendi’s Autumn-Winter 18-19 collection focused on women with strong and conscious femininity. We look forward to watching their spring summer collection debut and anticipate some bold and statement looks which we LOVE!

Milan Fashion Week Catwalk 2019

25th February-5th March

Tommy Hilfiger

One of the shows we are most excited to see at Paris fashion week is the highly anticipated Tommy Hilfiger's “TommyNow” show, the shoppable “see now, buy now” collection will be displayed at Paris Fashion Week on the 2nd March. The idea behind the TommyNow collection is that after every show, each collection becomes available to purchase immediately, both online and at selected retailers.

Tommy Fashion Week

Zendaya Fashion Week 2019

After recently revealing Tommy’s new collaboration with Zendaya, we can expect to see her hitting the runway, with Zendaya describing the collection as a fusion of her eclectic style, with Hilfiger's Americana heritage roots. The collaboration with “it-girl” Zendaya is certainly exciting, but we are also interested to see the new Tommy pieces which will hit the runway. There have been hints on Instagram towards pattern heavy designs mixed with classic and traditional pieces! We also love the “Tommy now” aspect of these shows which make the clothing a lot more accessible to everyday viewers! We can’t wait!

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