Top 10 Streetwear Hoodie Brands to Cop in 2020

No matter what the weather, a streetwear hoodie is the perfect addition to your outfit. Hoodies are so popular in today’s fashion world- you might say one of the most worn and most popular clothing items, especially in the ever-growing streetwear scene, because of their relaxed yet fashionable style. The thousands of designs, colours and styles of hoodies makes this clothing item so popular and universally worn, as there is sure to be a style and design to suit everyone. 

Keep reading to find out why hoodies will be staying as a key item in our 2020 wardrobes and our top picks for the new year.

London Streetwear Hoodie Brands



Hoodies Are Perfect For Any Situation

A hoodie is great for both loungewear and activewear, but to many traditional designers surprise,  in 2019, the hoodie also managed to make its way onto the fashion week runway decorated with diamonds. The entry of the street-wear style into the designer scene marked a significant change as to what was universally accepted to be high-fashion. High-end designers such as Gucci have now incorporated a street-wear element into some of their most recent lines, creating a whole new element to the classic hoodie look which can be worn in any situation. 


Good hoodies are always in season, there is no wrong time to wear a hoodie. They are such a popular item of clothing to wear year-round and for any situation, and event you may have to attend. You can wear custom hoodies at any time whether you are traveling, going to any party, for universities/schools or in the comfort of your home. 


Comfort is Key In A Hoodie

There is nothing better than feeling comfortable when you are out and about, from running errands in town to heading out for drinks with friends, feeling comfortable is essential. Hoodies are a clothing item that is very comfortable and cozy, especially those of which have the perfect blend of cotton and polyester. Most people would consider hoodies as a comfortable garment- which is true, but it is much more than that because when styled correctly, you have the chance to look stylish whilst staying comfy.


Unisex Hoodies

Another cool thing about hoodies is the fact that they are mostly unisex! It is not a gender-specific article of clothing and there is no one way to style it- there are literally dozens of dozens of ways to style it and that includes for women and men. It can make you look effortlessly cool. In streetwear, the lines between male and female clothing is certainly blurred and often brands do not offer gender specific lines, simply designing  their clothes to be worn by men and women simultaneously. 


Easy to Style Hoodies

The same hoodie can be styled into so many different looks (you can wear them with almost anything),  just choose one staple good quality hoodie that is versatile and will last! There is certainly no need to spend loads of money on multiple hoodies if you take care of it properly and purchase from a high quality brand. On the other hand, you could also have one or two “go to's”, or even craft an entire closet full of hoodies to change between throughout the year it is totally your preference. 


You can also wear many layers underneath and it won’t be noticeable and it won’t look bad. You could even not be wearing anything underneath and no one would even know! If you want to make your look more creative and styled, then you could pair your hoodie with a really cool pair of trainers and trousers to spice up the whole look. You could even buy yourself an oversized hoodie and pair it with your best pair of heels and it would be the perfect outfit to any cool/dressy event. There really is no right or wrong way to wear them - just throw one on and you’re ready to go! You can play with the weight, the fabric, and the color amongst many other things. Styling hoodies as your outfit of the day is actually really fun, not to mention it is a way to showcase your creative side! 


Hoodies are stylish, hoodies look cool, hoodies protect you from cold weather, and so much more. So it is officially time for you to throw away your old worn out college hoodie and invest in something versatile and fashionable. Below are the top 10 hoodies you should have going into 2020- high fashion meets street style:


Our Top Streetwear Hoodie Brand Picks for 2020



Off-White is currently one of the most well known and recognised high fashion brands attempting the streetwear craze around the world. Off White had an absolute breakthrough at fashion week with introducing its newest collection which blends both high fashion with streetwear, a route many high fashion brands are jumping on board with in the recent years. As a result, some amazing pieces have been produced, it was hard to pick just one but these black, white and red hoodies are truly a fresh look- we love it! Which colour do you like best?

Off White Streetwear Hoodie


2. The North Face®


The North Face brand started as a small retailer stocking mountaineering and climbing gear in San Francisco, California. North Face’s logo was originally an attribute of the north face of the Half Dome in Yosemite. With that being said the common question you be wondering is why this would even be considered a streetwear brand if it was developed in the mountains? Well, we are to tell you that The North Face brand has a skill for nailing brand hookups. Not to mention they are a frequent collaborator with many other brands because their jackets offer outstanding performance and are some of the most durable ones in the market. We love this Supreme x North Face collaboration, what do you think?

North Face Hoodie



Ask anyone to name a streetwear brand and chances are one of the first names to roll off their tongue will be Supreme. Supreme is certainly one of the most well known and recognized streetwear brands around. This brand has cemented it’s unique but still very sought after identity by working with some of the most prestigious designers in the fashion industry. This created a sense of hype that can be seen worldwide with fans queueing up for days just to get their hands on anything bearing that iconic red box logo. As a result, some amazing pieces have been produced! You really can’t go wrong with these classic Supreme hoodies. 

Supreme Hoodies


Fear of God (Essentials)


The creation of Lorenzo’s Fear of God label is linked to the period in his life in which he was refocusing on God and his faith. Lorenzo grew up with Christ being at the center of everything in his life and when he moved to LA he was introduced into some temptations. Jerry’s full name being Jerry Lorenzo Manuel Jr., he decided to not use the name Manuel because he did not want to tarnish the name, Manuel. But with his new 2019 Fall line, the ESSENTIALS Fashion capsule consists of garments offered in light heather grey, taupe, washed black, and a vintage lemonade. The clothing boasts superior pigment washes, subtle embroidered branding, and new label packaging.

Fear of God Streetwear Hoodie


You Dont Want This Life (YDWTL)

The UK streetwear fashion brand You Dont Want This Life is rather new to the streetwear scene but has quickly established itself as a big name in multiple places around the world. Some locations even have their own physical stores- these being London, LA and Toronto. The brand has been built with a family mentality in mind and aim to build a community of like minded individuals who associate themselves with the You Dont Want This Life mentality and culture. The YDWTL streetwear range welcome both men and women, and is being worn by some of the biggest influencers in the UK and the USA. By doing such YDWTL has already started making a massive impact on the streetwear scene.  Check out the best-selling Painter Hoodie in Reflective or Black x Orange for the hoodie ultimate style statement. For warmer weather, check out The Redline Tee to pair beneath your hoodies or wear alone for an effortlessly laid back cool look. 

Top UK Streetwear Hoodies



Balenciaga was founded years prior to its popularity in Paris in 1937. Since its creation it has really established its name as an iconic French fashion house which is extremely popular in current society. Balenciaga’s Cristobal became known as the “King of Fashion” and the brand was respected for their expert blend of uniqueness and elegance. Its quality and innovative fabric choices gave this a new look that everyone is trying to replicate . This hoodie combines two of Balenciaga’s best-known features, bold branding and an oversized fit, making this a really iconic streetwear hoodies. Combining luxury with street style.

Balenciaga HoodieBalenciaga HoodiesBalenciaga Streetwear Hoodies


Fiorucci known for their 80’s look has returned and has been resurrected by lingerie chain Knickerbox. Their brand new collection has launched on London's Brewer Street. As the old rendings between fashion, streetwear, couture and high-street continue to disappear, it's only natural for stylists and industry figureheads to look towards original, iconoclastic brands of the past for inspiration. We really love the retro look of these hoodies!

Fiorucci Hoodie


Heron Preston

Preston's nascent brand signatures were defined as streetwear-inspired clothing for both women and men. The most popular look is the Heron Hoodie’s - usually cut from pure cotton and is decorated with a printed graphic to the chest. Styled with a drawstring adjustable hood and kangaroo pocket, this bold pull over piece is signed off in style with printed and woven details to the chest and sleeve.  They also frequently collaborate with other popular streetwear brands such as Carhartt, Virgil Abloh's Off-White, Nike, and even NASA.

Heron Preston


Champion or alternatively also known as Champion U.S.A. is an American company which was originally known for its basic sportswear pieces but has recently ungone an unlikely revival and has become extremely popular especially in the teen streetwear scene. The rise in the brand can be seen by the growth from 200,000 instagram followers in 2016 to their now 6M, now being worn by celebrities such as the Kardashians. What was once worn by school football teams is now being considered one of the top streetwear brands, being sported by some of the most influential people in the world. The signature Champion hoodie, is instantly recognisable by its script logo detailing to the front. A classic, but we love it!

Champion Streetwear 2020


 As it becomes clear that the warm weather is gone for good, there is nothing better than throwing on a warm streetwear hoodie which makes everything so much more comfortable. A good hoodie will always be in season and makes an essential part of any wardrobe, so picking the right one is essential! With our top 10 round-up your decision making should be so much easier!I Truly at the end of the day there is no wrong hoodie brand to wear in 2020, but these are the top 10 we suggest for you. 

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