8 Streetwear Accessories You Need In Your Wardrobe NOW

Accessories are a major part of any streetwear look and with social media “hype-beasts” constantly on the hunt for the newest and most wanted items on the market, new trends are constantly emerging and brands are always releasing new and exciting products to keep up with these trends in order to keep relevant and exciting.

Accessories are an important part of any outfit, and are the perfect way of expressing your personal style and adding your own twist to a streetwear look.

They also allow you to wear an outfit several times, transforming how the outfit is worn depending on the accessories which are paired with it, entirely different looks can be put together and styled, making your staple streetwear purchases more sustainable and long-wearing.

It can even be argued that accessories are more important purchases than main pieces themselves, as they can completely transform your look.

You Dont Want This Life Cool Socks

With winter quickly approaching, ensure you are not caught out and check out these accessories which will look great with all of your streetwear looks.

Not only will these streetwear accessories keep you warm when the weather drops but the change in the weather is also a great opportunity to switch up your style and incorporate different elements of streetwear to create a brand new personal style which is perfect for the changing seasons.

Keep reading to find out your winter essentials you need to add to your winter wishlist.


YDWTL Black Beanie Hat

If you have ever said “hats just don't suit me” then you must be wearing the wrong hats!

Beanies are a great way of keeping your head warm in the winter months and they are a versatile item which suits almost everybody!

Our You Don’t Want This Life Redline beanie is a classic beanie style which you can certainly rely on to keep you warm, the monochrome design will go with any outfit.

Woken up hungover with a bad hair day and heading out for some brunch with friends? Throw on this beanie and this is sure to add an edge to even your most basic Sunday outfit.


Say goodbye to the boring socks which used to occupy your sock drawer and add these You Dont Want This Life fashion socks to your collection.

These socks were made to be seen so be sure to show them off by wearing them alongside some cut off jeans, or poking out of the top of your favourite converse.

Both fashionable and comfortable, these socks are the perfect way to make your outfit instantly cooler. These socks come in both black and white so pick up both colours and have a pair to match every outfit.


Love them or hate them, chunky trainers are certainly here to stay. The trend came into fashion in 2018 but as 2019 draws to a close, they are still as popular as ever.

Many people would associate this chunky style as a “dad-shoe” which puts many people off of the look, with luxury shoe lines such as Balenciaga and Gucci continuing to create these streetwear shoes, there is no doubt that they will be around for a while so the “dad-look” should be embraced!

Over the years, the chunky trainer trend has gotten bigger, souls have gotten more chunky and designs have become more colourful. As strange as it sounds, the ugly, chunky look has become a part of streetwear culture and is appreciated within the community for their unique look and individuality.

Whether you are wearing these trainers for nostalgia or because you are a hype beast with fashion FOMO, these are certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.

Chunky Trainers, the Streetwear Shoes to Wear


Are you heading away on a winter ski trip? Or simply need some sunglasses to protect your eyes from the remaining winter sunshine?

Sunglasses are an evergreen accessory and despite the minimal sun the UK sees throughout the winter months, Sunglasses are a great way to accessorise a look, even when its not sunny, they are the perfectly chic way of covering your eye bags on an early morning.

We are still loving the round framed sunglasses style this AW, designed to suit a variety of face shapes, these frames will suit almost everyone.

If you are feeling brave, why not switch up the lense colour and go for something more vibrant to really add the finishing touch to your winter outfit.

Round Sunglasses


Despite their purpose not being keeping you warm, the Traditional You Don’t Want This Life Dad Cap can continued to be worn well into the winter months to stay fashionable and to add a streetwear look to any outfit. WIth a variety of cap styles and colours on our website, there is a cap to go with every outfit. This monochrome white Dad Cap makes a good contrast to your favorite all-black outfit and is great to throw on, on those inevitable bad-hair days!


When your everyday items have outgrown the space in your pockets, there is no reason to turn your back on the classic backpack. The convenient hands-free design may be too nostalgic for some, reminding us of times at school when backpacks were necessary. But not only are backpacks super convenient for carrying around heavier items, but they are also a great day-to-day option for work. With designer brands emerging with some high-fashion versions of this classic bag, there are now plenty of backpack options which will complement
your street-wear look whilst keeping your items safe and protected from the elements.

This military style backpack by Kapital separates into two seperate bags or can be used as one larger backpack or as a smaller bum bag and smaller backpack. Taking inspiration from vintage trail packs, the intricate design and stiching is really detailed and interesting, with beading incorporated into the design and other details such as embroidered patches and pins. This bag certainly isn’t for everyone, and the well-worn effect comes with a big price tag. Made using perfectly distressed upcycled Japanese cotton canvas, it is the detailed
quality of Kapital’s products which has earned them a legion of fans who have created the well-known streetwear hype around their items. Unfortunately this means the backpack is already sold out, so keep your eyes out if you manage to spot one on the second-hand market.

Streetwear Bag


Furry Bucket Hat

If you are a fan of the classic summer festival bucket hat, then you’ll be happy to see this summer essential making its way into your winter wishlist. This fluffy, borg bucket hat is everywhere at the moment and is a great way of continuing this trend into the winter months. With its soft fur finish, not only will this keep you warm but is also majorly on trend with faux-fur continuing to make a comeback year-on-year. Keep the festival-look going all year long whilst keeping your head warm.


Streetwear Scarf

When the cold weather really drops, there is nothing better than a big scarf to keep you wrapped up warm. This accessory is often overlooked as something which is just used for warmth but a statement scarf can be a great way of adding some colour to an outfit and can even be a centre point of your winter look. This black Off-White scarf is a great combination of fashion and comfort, made with keeping warm in mind but also looks great as a street-wear fashion item. Throw this scarf on with an all black outfit to add a pop of colour, or simply use as a layering piece over your YDWTL hoodie.


Mini Handbag

If backpacks aren’t quite your vibe, why not dress up your streetwear look with a
mini-handbag? This 90s style handbag has made a mighty comeback and the iconic baguette bag which was known for being loved by Carrie Bradshaw and Paris Hilton is becoming hugely popular again in 2019 within the fashion world. As the popularity of these micro-bags grows, the size of them seems to shrink, with some bags seeming as though they will only hold a single coin or lipbalm. We love the colour of this Jacquemus mini suede bag which although is small, will still fit some night out essentials, and the vibrant yellow will add a pop of colour to any outfit! Although maybe these bags aren’t as practical as your traditional backpack, but if you are still not convinced, there are a number of bags which are a happy medium which will be perfect for you.

It is clear that accessories majorly contribute to the overall look of an outfit and can change an everyday, basic outfit into a fashionable streetwear look. Which of these streetwear accessories are you considering essential this winter? From bucket hats to micro-handbags there are plenty of streetwear accessories on the market which are ready to step-up your fashion game to the next level. Make sure you have several of these pieces in your winter wardrobe and you will transform your winter streetwear style.

Check out our full range of accessories here.

Streetwear accessories

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