Best Streetwear Brands for 2023

Streetwear is constantly evolving, and 2020's pandemic shifted and shaped how we wore clothing - we saw an emphasis on comfort, matching streetwear sets and stripped-back basics, where deep natural shades such as chocolate brown and college green ruled the roost. 

In a post-pandemic world, as the style pendulum swings, we have started to see more maximalist styles come back onto the scene - experimentation of clashing colours, double denim, mixing different textures to create rich layered looks. No matter how you choose to style yourself, streetwear will always manage to creep in - from the re-emergence of basketball jackets, to jordans - it is deeply ingrained into mainstream style. In this blog, we will round up our selection of the hottest streetwear brands for 2022/23.


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Founded by Clint in 2017, in his West London bedroom, this London streetwear brand has made a huge impact on the scene by not playing by the rules, instead focusing on exclusivity and scarcity. Their logo is based off the Alcatraz logo, and once you know it, you can expect to spot it worn across the U.K. The brand's level of exclusivity and secretive marketing strategy that runs off limited time drops, a locked website and private social page has generated SERIOUS buzz, allowing Corteiz to create a highly engaged, tight knit community. Even fashion Great Virgil Abloh, was sported wearing the labels socks, with Stormzy and Central Cee also co-signing the brand. They have a powerful visual appearance, and are synonymous for their bold, graphic heavy logo items with a focus on screen-printed hoodies, tees and balaclavas. 



You Don't Want This Life is a lifestyle streetwear brand, born in Toronto, raised in London. Built on a collective mentality, the brand's powerful message and logo is designed to be worn by everyone who resonates with it. For those looking to make a bold statement, the best-selling Painter design is always a powerful choice, or for a more understated minimalist look, the Redline design looks effortlessly cool. Pops of reflective and neon are YDWTL's signature, allowing the sleek branding to stand out on each design, plus all of the pieces are made in premium, high-quality fabric that both looks and feels incredible to wear. Custom YDWTL featuring incredible hand-painted denim jackets are a part of the brands unique DNA and are available upon request!

 Source: @skiztoworldwide


Skitzo Worldwide was founded in the emerging Manchester scene, 'made with no limitations in mind'. Their unique apparel started by focusing on stand-out denim but has now branched into tees and hoodies. Their aesthetic is uber modern, fresh with an edge and a focus on highly creative denim pieces. They also offer custom pieces for those who want more of a feel of exclusivity with their dressing. The brand has harnessed the power of collaboration - especially with other Manchester brands such as Comme Je Veux, as well as remaining reactive during Fashion Week's.

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Conceived by NIGO, Japanese fashion designer and creator of A Bathing Ape, Human Made was the brainchild of him and his collaborator Sk8thing - where the brand saw quick success through its unique concept - bridging the gap between casualwear fashion and inspired thought. High-quality fabrics, great fit and pieces designed to last the test of time are a key part of this brand, and they focus on offering streetwear that feels nostalgic - very much old-school Americana vibes! Varsity chic, utilitarian workwear and mixed prints blend old school with minimalism making these pieces effortlessly wearable. The likes of Pharrell Williams and Kayne West have sported the brand pushed out to its millions of followers. 

 Source: Union Los Angeles


This Los Angeles streetwear retailer was created with the mission to be a place to showcase what the community of kids were doing - encompassing music, art and fashion. Opening its doors back in 1989 in bustling Soho, NYC Union was a place that showcased the fashion for NY youth and counter-culture and garnered a stellar . However, Union is not a designer - they are a retailer that cherrypicks the hottest up-and-coming and less known brands, along with iconic high-end streetwear houses. They now only have one physical store in LA, which is owned by Christ Gibbs who used to work in the NYC store when he was younger. As such a monumental figure within the streetwear scene, they have a rich history of iconic sneaker collaborations. From the Nike 'Clerk Pack' series back in 2005 to their more recent Jordan collabs (Jordan 1 Highs in 2018, and Jordan 4 Taupe Haze) Union certainly knows how to a sneaker collab that garners serious desire and attention!

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