As it becomes clear that the warm weather is gone for good, there is nothing better than throwing on a warm hoodie which makes everything so much more comfortable. A great and classic hoodie is an essential part of any wardrobe and is a clothing item which will always be in style, so picking the right one is essential! It’s time to throw away your old, torn and tatty hoodie which is reserved strictly for nights-in and hungover mornings, instead, opt for something that looks cool whilst also keeping you warm!

Keep reading to see our top 6 hoodie picks we are loving for this season.



Supreme is certainly one of the most well known and recognised streetwear brands around. Over Supreme’s 22 year history, it has solidified its unique and recognized identity by working with some of the most prestigious designers. As a result, some amazing pieces have been produced, it was hard to pick just one but this black Supreme split text hoodie is such a unique item and is so different to the traditional red/white branding- we love it!



The high-fashion brand Kenzo was launched in 1970 by Japan-born designer Kenzo Takada. The brand aims to encapsulate the vibes of “west meets east” which merges fun prints with flowers and textures. This blend of Kenzo's Japanese origin with accents of the European/Parisian high-fashion culture is what has given the brand its name, with recent popularity amongst celebrities including Beyonce and Rhianna. This tiger print grey hoodie is such a cool statement piece which combines neutral tones with the bright and colourful tiger print.



Balenciaga was founded by Spanish born Christobal Balenciaga in 1917 but only when the brand reached Paris in 1937 did it really establish its name as an iconic French fashion house. Balenciaga became known and respected for their expert blend of modernity and elegance and the portrayal of this through the use of textile techniques and innovative fabric choices. This hoodie combines two of Balenciaga’s best-known features, bold branding and an oversized fit, making for this cool look.

Stephen Foodi


This up and coming brand is certainly one that needs to be watched. Stephen Foodi is a London based artist who expresses himself through mixed media, digital, paint and sketching. Combining the sales of limited edition art prints and bespoke clothing pieces, Stephen Foodi is the place to shop if you love and appreciate art or just want to wear something sick. This “House of cards hoodie” is the perfect combination of intricate artwork with an edgy twist and is currently available on the website.



YOU DON’T WANT THIS LIFE. Our new A/W collection features some sick new hoodies which are sure to keep you looking cool this season. The monochrome vibes with red accenting are simple yet effective, this colour scheme runs throughout the line with the newest collection also bringing in yellow accents. The collection also features some original bespoke pieces which are sure to make you stand out. Photos feature hoodies from our new range, the Cross Word Hoodie (Left) Conductor Hoodie (Right).



Leading the streetwear scene from Warsaw to NYC, MISBHV is the coolest clothing brand to come from Poland. Starting their journey on the streets of Warsaw, they have gained international respect and customers due to their punk take on streetwear, merging 70’s vibes with bold, graphic designs and bringing post-soviet levels of cool to the new york fashion scene. Being seen on Rihanna and featured in NYFW, this hoodie screams high-fashion comfiness.

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