Couple Goals - The HOTTEST Couple Influencers You NEED To Follow

The rise of 'Couple Goals' Influencers

In honor of Valentine's Day, we have rounded up some of the hottest couple influencers that will bring some serious fire to your feeds.

As connectivity, compatibility, and creative content become more and more desirable, we have seen a boom in couple influencers rising to popularity.

Through combining creativity, sharing their journeys and passions, now more than ever influencer couples are becoming seriously in demand for brands to work with. Check out our roundup of the hottest couple influencers across fashion, lifestyle and travel for 2022.

Best Couple For Boundary Breaking 'Fits 

Couple Goals Influencer

This British couple - Josef and Hannah’s feed is seriously aesthetically pleasing and their styling content is next LEVEL. Combining a mixture of mix and match 'fits, their streetwear vibe is bold, unique and isn't afraid to push the boundaries of fashion. This carefully curated feed will give you some serious style'spo and is guaranteed to spice up your feed with their creative 'fits. A must-follow for any fashion obsessive - who said his and hers style had to be dull?! 

Best Couple For Genderless Fashion Inspo


This Parisian style first couple met while studying photography at Gobelins in Paris. They became roommates during their school internship in New York where they fell in love! Now back in Paris, the couple embraces a more genderless approach to fashion - it's not uncommon for the two to swap and share clothes. Their grid is made of chic shapes, experimental designs and a variety of creative set up's that allow their incredible sense of fashion to shine. A must-follow for any lover of fashion, be sure to check out their highly creative reels showcasing their array of stand outlooks. 


Best Couple For Feel Good Vibes

Couple Goals - The HOTTEST Couple Influencers You NEED To Follow



Bloggers & Influencers Chris and Brock Lin started up Yummertime in 2014, in honor of summer solstice after desperately seeking a creative outlet in their grad roles, which led to the Yummertime blog being born. 

They pride themselves on being a source of inspiration to people refusing to accept societies rules and live a boring life! We are crushing over their carefully curated IG feed encompassing all things fashion, interiors, lifestyle and travel. Follow Yummertime for an instant boost of feel-good vibes on your timeline.

Best Couple With Relatable Content 

Couple Goals - The HOTTEST Couple Influencers You NEED To Follow@mollyandjordy

This London based couple absolutely nail the hottest ‘fits while still portraying their sense of humour online. Catch @mollyandjordy on TikTok, where they have amassed 1m+ followers by posting their relatable couple content. On Instagram, expect to see them dressed in the freshest streetwear looks and making couples loungewear look effortlessly cool. A must follow for an injection of serious couple goals style envy and entertaining reels and TikToks! 


Best Couple Travel Content

Couple Goals - The HOTTEST Couple Influencers You NEED To Follow

@muradosmann & @natalyosmann (@followmeto)

If you are on Instagram it's highly likely that you have seen this captivating couple's travel shots. Their signature shot is of Natalia's hand pulling Murad along with a breathtaking background - originally Natalia was trying to discourage Murad from taking photos on a holiday to Spain, which was how the shot was born. The couple pioneered the incredibly successful hashtag and Instagram #followmeto to encourage others to share their travel shots in the same style - which has seen a magnificent success, with people recreating the iconic shot all over the world! For anyone who has that sense of wanderlust and loves travel, this artistic page is a masterpiece and will certainly beautify your IG feed (warning: you may want to jump on a plane to recreate #followmeto shots with your bae after following them!). 

 Best Wanderlust Couple Inspo

Couple Goals - The HOTTEST Couple Influencers You NEED To Follow


For some serious couple goals and travel inspo, Marie & Jake's Instagram feed will leave you lusting over Bali's natural beauty. Their reels showcase the incredible Bali scenery as a backdrop to a celebration of their love! Follow to brighten up your feed and unlock your sense of wanderlust, plus for any sunset lovers, you won't be disappointed by their lust-worthy Bali content. 


Best Streetwear Couple Content

couple goals influencers

@jordanlipscombee + @jake_stenning

Although they have separate profiles, we are obsessed with Jordan & Jake's relationship (and sneaker wardrobe). Jordan has built a career as a YouTuber, and the pair always look effortlessly cool together - their wardrobe room that features on both their grids gives serious sneaker envy, this pair are always dressed in the freshest fits with the crepes to match. 

Best Lifestyle Couple Content

couple goals influencers

@shanazereade + @teddyedwardes

Although they have separate handles, Shanaze & Teddys are an inspirational power couple! Former BMX & Track World champion Shanaze has also competed in the Olympics for Team GB, and girlfriend Teddy is the founder of @LICKevents - the hugely successful female only club night which is expanding across the world due to demand! While Shanaze shares her candid journey to sobriety, follow them both for uplifting and empowering lifestyle content alongside following their power couple journey.

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