How to Rock a Bum Bag on the UK Streets

Like the dad hat or grandpa sweater, the bum bag is one of those fashion items that has come full circle. Back in the 90s, we loved it. Then, we hated it during the aughts. Now, we’re back to loving these practical bags. Hypebeasts from Slough to London to East Sussex are embracing this street style trend. And with major designers like Gucci taking to the fashion week run-way with their take on the classic bum-bag, we don’t see these statement bags leaving our closets anytime soon. 

But hold on! Just because this 90s trend is back in fashion doesn’t mean you can throw it on with any outfit in your wardrobe. Keep reading to learn how to rock your bum bag so that it feels fresh, not dated. 


What is a bum bag anyway?

Sometimes called a belt bag or a fanny pack, a bum bag is a hands-free pouch to store your money, phone, keys, or other small items. It was traditionally worn around the waist, but today’s  hype-beasts are sporting them in unique ways.

Usually a bum bag is casual, trendy, and cheap-chic. Our very own original YDWTL bum bag falls into this category. It’s a street style staple in simple black and white. We call it our essential, hands free solution for street style stalkers.It features one zip pocket and an adjustable waist strap. The belt bag keeps daily necessities close and secure. Our bag also does double duty. It can be worn crossbody style. The best part? It’s only £25.

YDWTL black bum bag

Aside from casual street style versions like ours, bum bags are also available from high-end designers. A black and white belt bag from Gucci will set you back £525. Louis Vuitton’s Discovery Bumbag is an even bigger splurge at £1390. And, if you really want to spend, Chanel offers sequin bum bags that are upwards of £2000.

Other high street shops offer bumbags in a wide variety of fabrics and styles too. We’ve spotted belt bags at Topshop, Zara, and H&M. Like a lot of great street style trends, the bum bag is one that’s accessible to everyone. No matter what your budget or personal style, there’s bound to be a bum bag that’s perfect for you.


What else is a bum bag called? 

Here in the UK, it’s easy to understand what we mean when we say bum bag. 

In America, the term “fanny pack” is more popular. And international luxury fashion houses prefer the term belt bag. To make life harder, some people call these things hip bags or waist bags. 

Basically if you hear the term belt bag, fanny pack, or hip bag, chances are it means bum bag. 

Whatever word you use, it’s a hands-free pouch to store your essential items. It’s worn on the body. And anyone can wear it--men, women, teens, and kids. 


Who can wear a bum bag?

One of the reasons bum bags are so popular is because they are literally for everyone. As a truly gender-neutral item, men, women, teens, and kids can all sport the functional fashion trend. 

Practical by nature, people can wear them anywhere. They’re perfect for summer holidays, concerts, festivals, hiking, shopping and traveling. 


What do you wear with a bum bag?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing an outfit with your bum bag. Read on to find ten of our favorite ways to style this hypebeast wardrobe essential.

  • For a street style look, wear it crossbody style over an oversized sweatshirt with boots. It’s one of Ariana Grande’s signature looks. But this Gucci number will set you back some cash.
  • Mix classic pieces with athleisure. Wear your bum bag with a white button-down and biker shorts. This ensemble can be worn with stilettos or trainers. Like we said, the possibilities are endless. 

Popular way to wear a bum bag


Jimmy Kimmel wears bum bag to red carpet event

  • If you’re all about your business, pair the street bag with a tailored suit. Women wear it at your natural waist. For men, try wearing it in place of your belt.
  • Brave a total normcore look. Kim Kardashian did it once. It was maybe the one time she was photographed in comfortable shoes.
  • Go for tone-on-tone. Wear a belt bag that matches the colors of your outfit. A$AP Rocky did this flawlessly with his Balenciaga bum bag.

A$AP Rocky wearing bum bag


  • Break up a monochromatic outfit. Wear a black bum bag over a chambray shirt and jeans. Like everything, it looked great when Rhianna did it.
  • Double up your storage space by wearing your belt bag over a pair of dungarees.

Girl wearing dungarees and a bum bag


  • Give an edgier feel to your feminine pieces. Wear a black bum bag crossbody style with a girly, floral dress.
  • Feeling creative? Try replacing the belt in your trench coat with a bum bag.

Girl using bum bag as trench coat belt

How to wear a bum bag

Of course with every fashionable man and woman sporting a bumbag these days, you need to know how to make it your own and to stand out. Don’t panic. We break it down in three simple steps.

 First, get your bag. Is it your first time? You want our cheap and chic redline bum bag. Already have it? Upgrade to a mid-market version from Coach or Michael Kors.

 Next, choose your outfit. Are you leaning all in to the street style, athleisure feel with sweatpants and a hoodie? Or, are you going super sophisticated with a houndstooth suit?

Finally, decide how you want to wear it. You can wear it in the traditional way-- at the waist, where an actual belt might go. Or, you can wear it across your shoulders, like a crossbody bag. You can even tighten the straps and wear it like a purse of shoulder bag. Women can take the trend totally retro and use the belt bag to cinch in their natural waists.

There are so many stylish ways to wear a bum bag these days. For some serious bum bag fashion inspo, check out Vogue’s primer on How to Wear Belt Bags.  


Ariana Grande wearing a fashion bum bag


The bottom line? Experiment, see what you like and go for it.



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