Summer Festival UK Essentials What to take

It is spring! Longer, brighter days are beginning to break through, minds wander to the summer months; Festival season takes careful planning, it isn’t as simple as eat, sleep, rave.. repeat.

Summer Festivals UK

Festivals are getting bigger and better every year and we for one cannot wait to be attending as many as possible over the summer months. Now is the time to starting thinking and planning on which ones you want to attend, with who and what to take! Here are the You Dont Want This Life top 5 summer festival essentials:

  1. Bluetooth speaker

Festivals are all about music - experiencing your favourite artists live and discovering new ones. But as the day ends and sets draw to a close it’s time to head back to your tent or accomodation with your pals and get the music back on to relive the day! Our portable bluetooth speaker is the key addition for post festival fun - small and light with great sound quality and at such a reasonable price it will certainly be your best friend over the best few days!



2) Pop Socket

Taking those snaps and stories to remember the best time away with your friends at the festival is undeniably a huge part of the experience. Trying to capture your favourite song when you’re in the middle of a crowd of a thousand people though can be quite the task. That’s where our pop sockets come in! Effortlessly fixed to the back of your phone this little device makes gripping your phone tenfold easier, and also doubles a stand. A selfie lovers dream!




3) Hoodie

We all cross our fingers and pray for blazing sunshine for the days away at festivals. Unfortunately as we live in Britain this can often be wishful thinking. That’s why you have to prepare for all weather outcomes. The YDWTL hoodie will certainly be your best friend during those colder evenings. Thick, super soft high quality material will keep you snug whilst keeping you looking chic. The black hoodies with bold text will go with every look and style, glitter and sequins included!



4) Bum bag

Festivals are a time for fun and throwing caution to the wind. Having said that it’s still important to keep your belongs safe as you run around the site. Keep all your important items close at hand with our stylish bum bag - a key fashion item at festivals! Our safety orange bum bag is one of the best bum bags and a great finishing touch to your outfit whilst also putting your mind at ease, focus on the party!




5) Snapback

Complete your look and keep the sunshine at bay with our snapbacks - the ultimate eye-catching accessory as you enjoy the festival. The original black snapback with bold logo works for both boys and girls in every attire. The message certainly makes an statement as you make memories.

Which festivals are you planning to attend this year and what will you be taking with you? We cannot wait for summer and the fun to start and we’ll certainly be prepared with the You Dont Want This Life collection! Keep an eye out for our summer collections, we will be dropping new products every month throughout summer!


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