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The ski season is fully upon us and my timelines are full of amazing and jealousy-inducing content from friends trapezing around mountains across Europe. For many people skiing is an annual excursion but for others it’s entirely new territory and preparing for a ski trip can be fairly daunting, which is why we have put together a quick list of our top 4 essentials to take skiing with you, as a beginner or season skier, these are a great place to start!


1) Ski Pursuit App


A simple and effective way to start your ski prep is to download some great apps to use during your trip, from photography and video apps to apps that measure your ski speed and map your routes. One of our favourites is Ski Pursuit - this app tracks and records all your runs and allows you to share the stats with your friends over social media. The app also gives you a recap of all your speed stats - maximum speed, average speed, duration, distance, ascent, descent so you can get competing with your friends to find the true ski god!



2) YDWTL beanie

We all know skiing isn’t just about powder runs and gaining the perfect technique; it’s also about looking the part and with a huge array of brands to choose from it can be a struggle to choose that perfect ski attire. One item that is especially necessary on the slopes is a beanie hat. Lifestyle brand You Dont Want This Life, based between London and Toronto, have released a chic black beanie with their crisp white logo design. The material is extremely warm and durable so whether hitting the piste or dancing at apres this is a key component that will suit any kit, colour scheme or style! You Dont Want This Life has a great array of hats, hoodies and accessories that would be part of any essential items for a ski trip - check them out here! https://www.youdontwantthislife.com/

3) Drycase Smartphone Case

When you’re up on that mountain wearing your stylish new ski gear (beanie included) and surrounded by breathtaking views it’s absolutely necessary to get those photos and instagram stories to make all your friends at home wish they were there with you. But to painstakingly get out your iphone and focus on not dropping it into the snow and losing it forever is quite the feat, honestly I have seen some ski lift related incidents and they didn’t end well! But all that stress can be avoided with a very simple phone gadget made for the slopes - a Drycase smartphone case! Using vacuum seal technology no snow will be able to get to the phone, keeping it safe and dry in the powder. The case still allows all functionality for you to capture content, listen to music, text and make calls. One of the best things about this case is that it also comes with an arm band and lanyard so you don’t have to worry about losing and can get those action shots mid-run (if you can manage not to fall over!)


P.s - if you have a little more confidence in yourself and are looking for something smaller a pop-socket is a great option to help keep hold of your phone on the slopes. I tried and tested the YDWTL one on my recent ski trip and it worked a treat! https://www.youdontwantthislife.com/products/pop-sockets-selfie-phone-holder

4) Hip flask

Apres is a huge part of skiing - once the ski day is done it’s time to head back down the mountain, get on a table and drink (probably too much) mulled wine and beer. Having said that we think a little tipple at the top of the mountain can only improve your skiing technique (it's science, of course), and the obvious accessory needed for that is a hip flask! A sip of rum or sloe gin will get you brave enough to attempt those black runs in no time. We love the huge variety of designs from The Pocket Hip Flask Co - the stainless steel flasks are perfect to fit the environment and any bumps you may take whilst skiing/snowboarding. They are the perfect shape to fit into your bag or pocket and they also offer engraving to add that extra personal touch! www.pockethipflask.co.uk

We’re looking forward to taking these top essentials away with us this ski season, so follow the links to get started on your own ski essentials kit and make sure to tag us in your ski pics if you purchase them! Happy skiing!

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