How to survive The Beast From The East

Just as we had hoped Spring may finally be creeping in we’ve unceremoniously been hit with a cold spell, complete with snow! It’s not quite time to lose the winter coats just yet, and we have some other great recommendations to help you battle the bitter cold:

  1. Zippo Hand Warmers

The commute to work and standing on cold train platforms can leave your hands numb in this weather, making it fairly difficult to hand over your ticket! We have the solution that will last all day - The Zippo A-Frame hand warmer knocks disposable options out of the park and can be used again and again. The sleek design is timeless while the heat production is excellent and can also be altered to suit. At a very affordable price this gadget will be your best friend through Winter, and any time the weather turns unexpectedly!

2)  Indulgent Hot Drinks

We don’t know about you but we feel that snow days call for indulgent treats now and then. We certainly don’t feel like iced drinks and salad while there’s a blizzard outside! Starbucks have certainly up their game when it comes to cosy Winter hot drinks - perfect for icy commutes or taking refuge in the warm! We recommend the ‘Molton Hot Chocolate’ which is as delicious as it sounds and destined to beat those Winter blues!

3) You Don’t Want This Life Hoodie

Layering up is essential in this weather, but can often make us look like uncoordinated michalin men. With the right attire you can look good as well as stay toasty and warm. Hoodie’s have made a big comeback of late and are certainly not confined to just lounge-wear. The brand new You Don’t Want This Life hoodies are the perfect option for every style. The black heavy weight material with white writing certainly stands out worn by itself or underneath a jacket. The versatile looks works for both guys and girls, so boys watch out your hoodie doesn’t suspiciously go missing! The brand also has a hugely stylish range of beanie hats, from the classic black with YDWTL logo to new bright orange and green options that will stand out from the crowd and bannish the cold!



4) Acne Scarf

Another essential cold weather item that looks great on everyone and can be worn for years is a top quality scarf. It can be hard to look smart as well as stay as warm as possible so we’ve found an option that works perfectly for casual days as well as running from meeting to meeting in the cold. The scarves by Acne Studios offer a variety of colour otions whilst all being exceptionally high quality, densely knitted wool, perfect for layering up!

5) Chilly’s Bottles

Chilly Bottles are a revolutionary new product that can keep your hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, perfect for a winter walk or watching your favourite sports! The stylish design is certainly one to show off and comes in a huge variety of colours and styles - we love the rose gold one! Made from high grade stainless steel to preserve flavour and make the bottles near enough indestructible and will soon become a staple on outings. Once the seasons finally change these are also great for keeping drinks icey fresh!

Unfortunately you can’t change the weather, but you can change how you make it bearable, and stylish! These top picks will keep the cold at bay until the Spring arrives!

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