What is bespoke streetwear?

Bespoke streetwear encompasses a wide range of unique, exclusive casual garments. No two pieces are alike. Take a look at our bespoke camo hoodieand other bespoke clothing. Here at You Don’t Want This Life,we make bespoke brand clothing for all the artists and hustlers out there. Our bespoke jacketsand accessoriesare for you--the dreamer and the doer. 

Now when we talk about bespoke clothing at YDWTL,we’re not talking about going to a Savile Row tailor to get measured for a £5,000 business suit. That’s not what we’re about.

However, we areall about helping artists and creatives express themselves through their personal style. We offer unique, customized streetwear that includes bespoke jackets. 

So what is bespoke clothing?

Decades ago bespoke clothing meant one thing. It was all custom suits handmade to the customer’s exact measurements, preferences, and specifications. But bespoke streetwear is a little different. Like those bespoke suits, bespoke streetwear is custom made. No two pieces are alike. It isn’t produced in mass quantities or on an assembly line. Bespoke streetwear is truly unique casual clothing. And like its more formal counterpart, bespoke streetwear is a bit more expensive that off-the-rack streetwear.

Like anything new though, there’s some controversy surrounding the contemporary usage of the word bespoke. Newsweekmagazine once said the term “bespoke” had been mangled into meaninglessness. The New York Timeseven once made a satirical video about “bespoke” trends like bespoke yoga and bespoke medical implants.

Since language evolves, however, the team at Merriam Webster explainthat bespoke now means custom-made. We’ll take their word for it, since they literally write the dictionary.


Bespoke vs. Custom

Again, in the traditional sense, bespoke means completely handmade from scratch. A bespoke tailor works one-on-one with his client to fit the customer’s body exactly. Think London’s Savile Row. On the other hand, a customsuit might be fully or partially machine-made. While it’s made with the customer’s measurements in mind, it’s not as precise and labor intensive as a bespoke suit.

As you would probably expect, the difference in labor is reflected in the pricing. A bespoke suit starts at £2,000 and goes up from there. A custom suit usually has a starting price around £500.

Here is a lovely explaineron the differences between off the rack, custom, and bespoke suiting. Of course, we don’t really do formal workwear like professional suiting around here. But,

YDWTL does offer some exclusive, bespoke clothing.

What is bespoke streetwear?

In streetwear terms of today, the terms bespoke and custom can be used interchangeably. A bespoke hoodie is simply a custom hoodie. It’s like our bespoke camo hoodies. There aren’t two that are alike. They’re individually hand-painted. They’re unique. Our entire bespoke streetwear collectionis full of original pieces. These are not copies or imitations. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Our bespoke pieces are sourced and hand-painted by a collective of YDWTL fashion designers and artists.

Why is some YDWTLStreetwear clothing considered bespoke?

The fresh made bespoke pieces from You Don’t Want This Lifeoffer custom designs. We choose to offer a thoughtful reimagining of vintage aesthetics. For example, our bespoke jackets are individually sourced, reconstructed, reimagined, and hand painted by the fashion design team at YDWTL.

Our streetwear is bespoke because:

  • It’s hand-painted by our design team.

  • No two pieces are exactly alike.

  • Vintage fabrics and garments are individually sourced by our design team.

  • We don’t mass produce these items.

  • There is only one of one available. If you purchase it, you are the only one who owns that jacket.

  • The higher price points of these bespoke jackets reflect the extra care and craftsmanship involved in creating them.

How much is a bespoke jacket?

Our bespoke streetwear jackets range in price from £250-£500. They’re eco-friendly, hand-painted, and truly unique. At that price, they’re still quite a deal. 

As mentioned, these pieces are typically loose-fitting and oversized. They can be worn by men or women. Some of these unisex pieces, including this one, glow under UV light.


Where can I buy bespoke streetwear clothing?

Right hereat You Don’t Want This Life,of course! Be sure to grab anything you like before it’s gone. Only one of one is available. And our exclusive, bespoke streetwear pieces move fast. Our great fits, comfortable fabrics, and custom designs make YDWTL a popular choice among those with a true sense of style.

You won’t find gear like this anywhere else. Seriously--this stuff isn’t mass produced in a factory. It’s genuine. Each bespoke clothing article is a one-of-a-kind original. These streetwear jackets aren’t for everybody. They’re for those who are bold enough to stand out, not content to simply fit in.

And another thing--our bespoke jackets are for men and women and everyone. Like we said before, anyone can embrace the freedom and artistry inherent in the streetwear movement. And when you are really wanting something that’s one of a kind, you can never go wrong with bespoke. When you choose bespoke, you choose to wear a piece of art.


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