9 Best Streetwear Outfit Ideas for Men and Womxn

Streetwear Outfit Ideas

Curious about the best streetwear outfits? Looking for some style inspo? No worries. We’ve got you covered with 9 of out best streetwear outfit ideas for men and womxn. 

One of the most awesome things about streetwear is how nearly everything is unisex--including everything on this list. Even here at You Don’t Want This Life, most of our pieces are not made for a specific gender. Our bespoke jackets and accessories are literally for everyone. 

And everyone can embrace the freedom of the streetwear movement. 

So what is streetwear? Depends who you ask. But, generally, when you hear the term “streetwear” it means an athletically-influenced, casual style. Think baseball hats, hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers, and denim jackets. Most streetwear pieces are rendered in casual fabrics like cotton, twill, and denim. Some of the most popular streetwear brands right now include Supreme, Bape, and even Champion

While these brands have long been embraced by skaters, hip-hop artists, and surfers, the streetwear aesthetic didn’t rise to mainstream acceptance until the 1990s. Back then it was popularized by pro skaters like Tony Hawk. 

Since the early 2010s streetwear clothing has been experiencing another resurgence. Just like the athleisure movement, streetwear offers a modern, relaxed take on fashion. 

There’s a freedom to streetwear outfits that allows for true style and authentic self-expression. With all that said, let’s take a look at the some of best streetwear outfits...and how to cop them.

#1 - Gray Hoodie + Navy Cargo Pants

Streetwear outfit with grey hoodie and navy cargo pants

Source: Urban Men Outfits

Let’s start with a classic streetwear look. This is one of the best streetwear outfits because it’s

both effortless and timeless. Pair a grey hoodie with navy cargo pants. A white work shirt is underneath it all. You can go upscale with a pair of boots. Or you can make it casual with a pair of clean white sneakers.

#2 - Neon Jacket + Mom Jeans

Streetwear Outfit with Neon Jacket and Mom Jeans

Source: Pinterest

For those who love going bold with their street style, we suggest a neon jacket or hoodie. Try layering it over a matching turtleneck or bodysuit. Wear you neon with a pair of high-waist mom jeans. We have our very own neon hoodies in yellow and orange.  Oh, and don’t forget the bum bag.

#3 - Denim Jacket + Black Joggers + Dad Hat

Streetwear outfit with denim jacket, dad hat and joggers

 Source: Pinterest

An oversized denim jacket is the perfect mate for a pair of sleek black joggers or leggings. Feeling chilly? Throw a black hoodie under the jacket for extra warmth. Don’t forget the fresh grey kicks and the dad hat.


#4 - Oversized Camo Jacket + White T-Shirt + Black Leggings

Streetwear Outfit with Camo Jacket, White Tee and Leggings

Source: The Budget Babe

Above you can see the gorgeous Zendaya rocking one of the best streetwear outfits we’ve seen. It’s all about simplicity and easy movement. She’s got a great white t-shirt, black leggings, and black trainers. Then she tops it off with an oversized camo jacket. And, yes, we’ve got the perfect camo coat just for you. 


#5 - White Hoodie + Ripped Jeans + White Trainers

 Streetwear outfit with white hoodie, ripped jeans, white trainers

Source: Pinterest

The key to nailing this amazing streetwear look? Keep it clean. Your white hoodie, t-shirt, and trainers need to be spotless. And make sure your distressed denim is a lighter wash. Add a black hat and large wristwatch for extra visual interest.

#6 - White T-Shirt + Distressed Denim

Streetwear outfit with white t-shirt and distressed denim jeans

Source: Pinterest

If it’s too warm for the white hoodie look above, try a simple white t-shirt. Again, we suggest light wash, ripped jeans for low contrast. Grab a tote bag on your way out the door. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with clean, white trainers.


#7 - Denim + Denim

Streetwear Outfit with denim on denim on denim

Source: Norris Danta Ford

Denim on denim is another streetwear classic. There’s two ways to pull it off. This first options? You denim pieces need to match perfectly. And the other choice? Your denim should totally clash. Think a light-wash denim jacket with super dark wash jeans. You can’t really get it wrong. Since denim is a neutral itself, it pairs with all other neutrals, including other denim.


#8 - Olive Bomber Jacket + Black Hoodie

Streetwear outfit with olive bomber jacket and black layered hoodie

Source: Hypebeast

This is a more sophisticated take on the hoodie-under-a-jean-jacket look. Swap out the denim coat for an olive bomber for a streetwear look that feels luxurious. Black joggers or leggings serve it well. Throw on a pair of neon trainers for extra street style cred.


#8 - T-Shirt as a Dress

Streetwear outfit with T-shirts as dresses

Source: Fashion Jackson

 Let your favorite oversized t-shirt impersonate a dress. For extra shape, you can belt it or tie a knot on one side of the bottom. Of course, we like it formless too. If you’re not comfortable sporting a t-shirt as a dress, you can try pairing one with leggings, skinny joggers, or even hosiery.

And, yes, guys can get away with this oversized shirt as a dress outfit too. Look to nonconformist celebrities with gender fluid style. Check out fashion-forward faves like Jaden Smith, Billy Porter, Jared Leto, and Jonathan Van Ness for inspiration.

Clearly, streetwear is here to stay. In fact, it’s the only way to approach clothing in our modern world. The playful proportions and casual fabrics are accessible for nearly everyone, regardless of age, size, or gender. And, even in these outfit examples, you can see how anyone can rock these looks.



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